This lovely, modern home was designed by Joe Hill of Traditional Design Services.

The entire focus of the design, engineering, and construction was to build a “passive house,” that is to say the energy demands of the home are met in an environmentally friendly way.  Passive houses are nearly airtight, and highly insulated, so less energy is needed for heating and cooling. The energy is usually supplied by solar or geothermal.  You can learn more about passive houses at

For more information on Passive Houses and other green home construction click here.

This particular home is a one-of-a-kind here on the Eastern Shore, and indeed, the east coast. The Virginian Pilot Newspaper recently ran an article in their Home section that can be viewed on our Green Building page, as well as produced a 2-minute video interviewing David Mitchell and the homeowners, also located on that page.

The clients found an amazing lot at the head of a creek right in the downtown area...

Below, watch us build this modern green home from start to finish.