Green Home Construction


Super Insulation

Greening Up
Other elements we have been recommending to add to homes during construction to make them more energy efficient:

    Geothermal HVAC

    Wind Power

    Solar- Passive Hot Water & Photovoltaic Electric

    Super insulation packages

    Whole-house fans, ventilation

    Energy-efficient Heating & Cooling Systems

    Energy-efficient Windows & Doors

The Passive House we constructed here on the Eastern Shore was featured in the Home section of the Virginian Pilot Newspaper PassiveHausFowlerArt.pdf.  David Mitchell is the first speaker on the video, and the homeowners, who were very involved in all phase of the construction weigh in on the project. See detailed photos of the construction of the home here.

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You can learn more about passive houses at

Section view of wall with hand-written notes;

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Our handout at the recent

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