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Homes & Lots For Sale


Choose a Plan, Choose a Lot

There are many ways to go about having the perfect home customized for your family..  We know of some beautiful lots for sale by excellent local agents, and we will build a home from your architect’s plans or even customize plans you purchase from an online plan provider.  Contact us to obtain agent referrals or to discuss plans.


Architect:  www.ddiarchitects.com

Beautiful Home - Click on the photo to the left to download the drawing of the floor plans of this beautiful house. We have been trying to build this 2,700 sq. foot home as a “spec” home, but have been too busy building homes for clients!

To Email Us,
Click Heremailto:mitchellcustomhomes@mac.com?subject=Website%20Inquiry

Designer:  David H. Mitchell

Onancock Duplex - Click on the photo to the left to go to the page devoted to these beautiful upscale townhouse-style units and to download plans and see photos. Each unit is approximately 1,200 square feet, and include private entrances front & back, 1.23 acre shared lot, wood floors, and Mitchell Custom Homes, Inc.’s high quality construction practices. Onancock_Duplex.html
Wooded Lot, Waterfront Community -  In Jamesville, VA, a 5 acre building lot in quiet, rural community. The master HOA has a waterfront clubhouse and swimming pool and lot owners may buy an inexpensive membership to have access to these amenities.BuildingLot.html